Select your Hardware

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Different Hardware for Different Functionality

Fixed and Mobile units all delivery the offline AfrooNET Functionality (in red) and Online units have additional features for live communications and transactions. AfrooDATA HotSpots are only possible on Fixed Units with Fibre or VSat.

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Different Interest Groups

How organisations chose to configure their networks is largely down to the interests and circumstances of the audiences they are trying to reach, for which there is often a trend in terms of functionality and hardware.

Extend your Free Wifi into Radio & Signage

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Add Digital Radio & Signage to your Wifi

By adding speakers and screens, networks can provide additional functionality of Radio & digital Signage all driven and managed by AfrooNET units 

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Full Feature Summary

If this Radio & Signage are added on to the AfrooNET network, this is the Summary of all the services offered by our AfrooNET solution.

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